About us.

Founded on the conviction that simple is best. Our products distil the universe of skincare into only what is essential. To promote confidence, reduce consumption and achieve overall wellness. 

Our two step formula has been three years in the making. Crafted by leading chemists and packaged thoughtfully to create straightforward products that work. 

We don’t let convoluted ingredients, regimes and expensive marketing get in the way of an effective product – this is the new age of skincare. Simple.

Our story.

Just like our products, we are New Zealand made. We grappled with the fact that skincare felt inaccessible to many. Our friends lacked education on the benefits looking after themselves could yield. 

We ourselves spent too much time and money updating our regime with the latest new trends and products. Rich & George is a response to this. 

We believe everyone deserves to look and feel their best. No matter gender, age, or stage - we can all benefit from a daily skincare routine.